is vegetarian!

Our Breakfasts

When not included in the price of your reservation, a value of 7€ per person is added.

Breakfast - Standard

Orange juice
Coffee, tea or milk
Alentejo bread, cake
Butter, jam, sliced cheese,
fresh cheese

Breakfast - Vegan

Orange juice
Coffee, tea or vegetable drink
Whole wheat bread, oatmeal muffins
Peanut butter, jam, vegetable pâtés

Breakfast - Sports

Orange juice
Coffee or tea
Porridge with fruit, nuts
and chocolate

Breakfast - Muesli

Orange juice
Milk, vegetable drink or yogurt
Coffee or tea
Muesli, oat muffins

Our Meals

We serve vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food and pastries, made with genuine and seasonal products.
We believe what we eat MAKES A DIFFERENCE
on the Body health, the Soul happiness and the Planet's future.

Our Entries

To whet your appetite, we have several starters available, among them:

Vegetable Pâtés

The vegetable pâtés are accompanied by bread and olives.

Snack board

Our snack board includes bread, tofu croquettes, veggie rissoles, salad and vegetable pâtés.

Our Main Meals

Our menu is vegetarian and quite varied, here are some suggestions:


Try our delicious soups! We currently serve:
Tomato soup with spices;
Pumpkin and spinach

Vegetable Lasagna

No doubt, lasagna is comfort food. This one is surely one of the best recipes with its tasty vegetable filling and creamy sauce . To eat and cry for more!

Mushroom Quiche

Mushroom lovers, our mushroom quiche is just for you! Packed with mushrooms and herbs, this tasty vegetarian quiche is great for a quick meal or for sharing.

Seitan bourguignon with polenta

Our mushroom bourguignon features a tasty red wine mushroom sauce served on top of creamy polenta. A delicious vegetarian version of the classic beef bourguignon!
When it comes to cold weather dinners, there's nothing cozier than a bowl of this deliciousness.
Basically, it's EVERYTHING you love about classic beef bourguignon, without the beef and with a creamy polenta!

Chickpea curry with basmati rice

Served with steamed Basmati rice, chickpea curry makes a tasty, protein-rich vegetarian main course.

Black bean burguer and chickpea burguer

Two different kinds of burguers, intense and full of character. Served with quinoa salad and Algarve style tomato salad.

Our Desserts

Chocolate and pumpkin mousse

With blueberries, our vegan chocolate and pumpkin mousse is a delicious and excellent choice for chocolate lovers!

Rice pudding with cashew cream

If you're a fan of classic rice pudding, you'll love ours! Egg free and with cashew cream, making it so creamy you won't be able to resist.