About Us

Hi! We are Susana and Rui.

We moved to Castro Verde over 20 years ago when we fell in love with the region, its endless horizons and the village and friendliness of its people.
In 2016, we started our accommodation project, 4Bs, which began as a Bed & Breakfast for all those visiting the region on their Birdwatching and Bicycle touring activities.

4Bs was born from our passion for Alentejo and the surrounding Nature. Let us share with you some of the things that make us happy.

Our Vision

In 2022, 4Bs moved to the new space at Rua Morais Sarmento 68, in the center of Castro Verde. And since then, we have been working towards becoming a reference accommodation in "bikefriendly" and nature tourism. And more, the first accommodation in the region with 100% vegetarian meals, tasty, nutritious, homemade and with local products.  Meet our Food.

Our Mission

When we welcome our guests, from any corner of the planet, we want to provide them with maximum comfort in a familiar and relaxed atmosphere, and unforgettable experiences of enjoying nature, ensuring the sustainable growth of our business and the enrichment of our partners and the community where we operate.

Our Values

If we had to sum them up in one word, it would be "RESPECT".
Respect for the nature around us, for the immense human and cultural diversity that we have the privilege of witnessing every day, for the local community that welcomes us, for our partners and collaborators who walk this path with us.

Our Partners

To explore

The Ecoland E-Bike Tours offers e-bike routes in nature, in the heart of the Guadiana Valley Natural Park.

The Portugal Wildscapes organizes bird watching routes between the municipalities of Mértola and Castro Verde.

Portugal Outdoor is an author's project to share experiences, lives, places and inspirations about the world on our doorstep.

The Gravosfera is a 'gravel' challenge in which participants have at their disposal a collection of routes from North to South of Portugal.

Bicycle maintenance/repair

The N2 Bike offers trade in bicycles and accessories / bicycle maintenance and repair.

The Bike Zone offers maintenance and repair of bicycles throughout the country, and has a physical store in Castro Verde.

Health and well-being

The Andreia Conceição promotes SwáSthya Yôga which is the rescue of ancient techniques aimed at personal development, well-being and quality of life through breathing techniques, body techniques, relaxation, and much more ...

The DAO Medicina Chinesa is a health clinic, located in Castro Verde, which already has 10 years of experience. 
Our professionals are specialised in Chinese Medicine and in therapeutic Tuin, Thai and Relaxation and Physical Recovery Massage.